Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Lockouts are a pretty common service that we receive as a request and we offer quick service, reasonable prices, by a certified professional.

Master Keying
Our SC Pro Locksmith experienced technicians can engineer a customized master key system to your existing locks.

Do you need replacement keys for your organization or place of business? Imperial Locksmith can make keys for just about any use.

Duplicate Keys
No one plans to lose their keys, but you can be prepared with extra keys on hand if it happens.

Broken Key Replacement
Old keys break, and it can happen at any unsuspecting moment. Don’t let it affect your business or your daily schedule.

Lock Installation
We install locks and security devices using manufacturer’s templates and specifications by cutting or drilling the proper opening in the selected location with the industry’s latest tools.

Lock Replacement
There are many reasons you would need to change the locks in your business, and it is a relatively simple procedure depending on the lock types you currently have and quantities of doors needing replaced.

Break-In Repairs
There is nothing more upsetting to arrive at your business and discover that you have had a break in or breach of security. SC Pro Locksmith will provide you with a more secure solution for your business, and make sure that your chances of a future break in are dramatically lowered. locks on your business and then reinstall them.